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The best practice to create organization quickly?

The preferred way is to create new organization chart using OrgChart for macOS, and then sync to iOS devices via iCloud drive.  OrgChart for iPad/iPhone are also be designed well to create and update organization chart easily, to achieve better efficiency, following steps will be helpful.

  • Input department in OUTLINE panel
  • Adjust departments hierarchy (tree structure) in outline panel – Swift left/right to adjust department outline level; long press and move up/down to adjust department sequence
  • Then to adjust department properties in chart panel

    (It will be more intuitive to edit departments in chart panel, and it will be more efficient to adjust departments hierarchy in outline panel. We suggest to start inputting organization and to adjust tree structure in outline panel, and then to adjust properties in chart panel)

The best practice to change department visual style quickly on chart panel?

OrgChart helps to draw the department block automatically, base on following the visual styles specified by the user.

  • Content visibility (the visible department fields)
  • Color
  • Shape
  • Size
  • Layout (of child departments)
  • Line style (of the line to connect to parent)

The display style of parent department can be easily applied to all the child departments. For example, if need to change the color of all the child departments, we can update the color of the parent department, then tap on “apply to sub units” button to update all the color of sub departments.

This approach to apply visual styles to child departments can help to improve our organization maintenance efficiency much more. And be flexible to use this skill can help to get complicated chart be done very quickly

How to create direct reporting relationship between departments with level gap > 1 ?

OrgChart organises departments in tree structure, every department is the child of (only) one parent department(except the top level department).

For the case if we have reporting relationship that the organization level of the child departments is lower more than parent department. for example a 3 levels organization structure. CEO -> Director -> Department Head, but some department heads directly report to CEO. For this case, we can just add a virtual department (with different display style) between the CEO and the department heads. Following please check the solution:

How to create assistant relationship?

  • Change layout of parent department


  • Long press on sub department, to change the connection point


  • Done


How to create departments quickly?

As the demo in the quick start video, except inputting department one by one, multiple departments can be inputted together, and can be imported from iOS contacts.

  • Create the new organization chart using OrgChart for macOS, and sync to iPad/iPhone via iCloud drive
  • Import from iOS contacts
  • Batch input – input/paste multiple departments together. We can prepare all the units properties in PC/Mac and send the text to iPad via email, then paste the text into the batch input view.


    Input department names line by line, add space to begin of each line to adjust unit hierarchy and separate the properties of unit by character “/” in each line. For example, to add sub departments to department “A”:


    – Long press on unit “A” to display function menus
    – Tap on the menu “Batch add sub units”
    – Input (or copy text your prepared on other devices or PC, and paste it here) text as following

    1/Job 1/People 1
     1.1/Job 1.1/People 1.1
     1.2/Job 1.2/People 1.2
    2/Job 2/People 2
    3/Job 3/People 3

    (please pay attention, there is space at beginning of the second and third line)