OrgChart for iOS 3.0 release notes

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“OrgChart for iPad / iPhone 3.0” includes following the enhancements, for the purpose to be compatible with “OrgChart for macOS“, as “OrgChart for macOS” introduces some new features.

  • Sync organization charts across iOS and macOS devices via iCloud Drive
  • Customize the title and visibility of department fields (columns)

    (This feature helps to extend the usage of OrgChart – up to how to customize the department fields title )

  • Additional 5 text columns without pre-defined purpose

    (for the purpose to maintain additional department properties)

  • More colors – enhanced to support about 200 colors by following Google materials design color pattern

Sync organization charts via iCloud Drive

Before version 3.0, OrgChart for iPad / iPhone supports to save organization charts to traditional iCloud Storage (not same as iCloud Drive) and load organization from iCloud Storage.

iCloud Drive provides is more powerful cloud storage, includes directly iCloud Drive directory access on macOS and web access. Now Apple also release iCloud Drive access app for the iOS devices. And with the release of “OrgChart for macOS“, to sync organization charts across iOS and macOS devices, OrgChart enhances the cloud storage support to iCloud Drive.

Check out the details of Sync via iCloud Drive guide

Department field title and visibility customization

Before version 3.0, OrgChart for iPad / iPhone supports to customize the title of “department”, “position” and “leader” fields, which will impact the whole device.

This new update supports to customize the title of ALL the department fields for specific organization (not for other organizations), for the purposes of

  • Extends the app usage

    OrgChart is designed for drawing organization chart, with some predefined columns to be displayed on the chart, include “department”, “position” and “leader”. For some cases, we may redefine the purposes of some existing columns to present something differently, give an example, we may want to show the performance score of department members on the chart, we may create a organization and customize the title of department fields

    Of course OrgChart is not designed for other purpose, except “headcount” field, the other fields you can customized are text field without limitation on the content, we can not expect the app can know what you expect on the customized fields.


  • Customize the output for multiple languages.

And as some fields may not useful for your organization, we can change the department field visibility.


By customizing the title and visibility of department fields

customization03 customization04

Additional fields

5 new department TEXT fields without pre-defined usage, for the purpose to maintain additional information in organization chart if needed. (also the title and visibility can be changed as preceding)

And more colors