Keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet?

Press ⌘⌥^ (Command + Alt + Ctrl) to show shortcut tips in active organization window.

Failed to open the organization file on Mac ?

If we get the an error message like following when open a .org file, please just manually change the extension from “.org” to “.orgx”, and then to open it.


The issue is caused by that one another app on your Mac registered the “.org” file extension as the file type named “org-mode” for other purpose (unfortunately there is no tool to change it, and there is no open api for the app running in sandbox to change it). “.org” file extension has been used by OrgChart for iPhone/iPad long, to avoid confusing the other users, OrgChart for macOS does not support to save organizatio chart as .orgx file, we need to manually change the file extension from .org to .orgx

The best practice to create organization quickly?

We can freely maintain the departments in outline, chart and updating panel. Chart panel is more intuitive to add/move/remove departments by mouse operations and gestures; Outline panel acts like a grid which helps to get inputting be more efficient; Plus updating panel, we can get the updating be more flexible.

Following our practice to create a new organization chart efficiently – of course this is not the only way for productivity.

◉ First to input departments in OUTLINE panel

Continuously to input all the department names in outline panel. We don’t need to adjust the department hierarchy when inputting names

◉ Adjust the hierarchy of all the departments in outline panel.

Following the skills to construct department tree structure quickly

  • Select department

    By mouse clicking, or typing up/down key to select department

  • Outline level

    “COMMAND” + “Left key / Right key” to indent/outdent department

    On chart panel, “COMMAND” + “Mouse move” to move department to be child of another department.

  • Department sequence

    ・ “COMMAND” + “Mouse move Up/Down” to move task in same or across task groups (if mouse is on the “photo” column of selected the department, no need to press “COMMAND” key, just click to move mouse up/down to change department sequence).

    ・ “OPTION” + “Left KEY / Right KEY” to move selected department in SAME task group

◉ Update department properties

Now we have the basic tree structure done. Then to edit task properties on outline and updating panels, or adjust tree structure on chart panel

  • OrgChart supports to APPLY visual style to all the childs – using this feature well will helps to adjust organization very easily and efficiently


  • Chart panel is more intuitive to adjust department tree, QuickPlan for macOS supports to drag/drop to move and copy departments – “COMMAND” + “Mouse move” to move selected department to be child of other department, “OPTION” + “Mouse move” to copy selected department to be child of other department
  • Double click is a good way to show the updating panel
  • OrgChart supports to copy/paste cell content in outline panel. Select a cell (not in edit box) and press “COMMAND + C” to copy the content, then move to other department to select same cell, press “COMMAND + V” to paste the content of selected cell
  • OrgChart also supports to copy department, “COMMAND + SHIFT + C” to copy select department, “COMMAND + SHIFT + V” to paste as child

    (On chart panel, we can also copy department by gesture – “OPTION” + “MOUSE MOVE”)

How many ways to add new departments ?

  • Click “Create new department” button at bottom of outline panel

    For the purpose to continously input departments as child of the root department efficiently

  • Select a department, and then type “+” to add a new department as child

    After new department added, the new department will be selected

  • Click the “+” icon on the selected block on Chart panel

    The new department will not be selected (you can select to use this or preceding method if need to select or not select the new department)

  • Type “OPTION” + “+” to add a new department NEXT to selected department
  • Drag from macOS contact app
  • Copy/Paste and Drag/Drop in the app

How to create direct reporting relationship between departments with level gap > 1 ?

OrgChart organises departments in tree structure, every department is the child of (only) one parent department(except the top level department).

For the case if we have reporting relationship that the organization level of the child departments is lower more than parent department. for example a 3 levels organization structure. CEO -> Director -> Department Head, but some department heads directly report to CEO. For this case, we can just add a virtual department (with different display style) between the CEO and the department heads. Following please check the solution:

How to create assistant relationship?

  • Change the layout of parent department


  • And then change the assistant position as following