Sync via iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive acts like a shared folder on the internet, with the capability to automatically sync changed files to all the involved iOS and macOS devices. Users feel comfortable as after changed the file on iCloud Drive, iOS and macOS will help to sync the changing to all the other devices. But there is risk if we can’t use the service well.

Let’s talk about risk first

Give an example, we have a very important file stored on the iCloud Drive, and we have some iOS and macOS devices can access the iCloud Drive using same iCloud Account. Incidentally, we changed the file on one device incorrectly, and we find there is no backup to restore it from the changing.

We may think we can get the old version from another device, but when we try it, iOS / macOS may already completed to automatically sync the changed file to all the other devices. (iCloud Sync is coordinated by iOS and macOS systems, not by the apps (so not by the users), after the app (you) saves the file, the OS system will control when and how to sync)

Following we suggest to mitigate the risk if we have very important assets on iCloud Drive – not only for OrgChart. Of course, if the data the app accesses is not that important, or we have the backup of the important assets, this risk will not be critical.

  • Manually backup the iCloud files on the device periodically, or using third party tools to automatically backup iCloud Drive files periodically.

    On macOS device, we can access the iCloud Drive directly to copy the files to other directory, or copy to other device, or upload to other cloud storage for backup.

    Our practice is to backup iCloud Drive folder to another folder on the device daily (one folder one day, keeping the last x days), and upload the backup to Dropbox by week.

    (again, this is for iCloud Drive risk, not for the app only)

  • If we don’t backup the important files on iCloud Drive, when using the app to access the important file, to avoid losing your work by incorrect actions, please do not change the file on the iCloud Drive directly. Try the way to

    On macOS devices, copy the iCloud Drive file to another folder, then to change the copied one. After changed and CHECKED, copy the changed one back to iCloud Drive.

    On iOS devices, OrgChart supports to copy organization chart file from iCloud to local (the device), and also supports to copy from local organization to iCloud Drive

If one day, iCloud Drive supports “version” control, this risk will close (not exist).

OrgChart iCloud Drive sync is file based, the organization chart file stored on the iCloud Drive is the latest copy saved on one device.

AND there are tight parent-child relationship between departments in organization chart, unlike the apps to access list data (for example Apple number), changing one department will impact other department. We can NOT expect to open same organization chart file on multiple devices at same time, the iCloud Drive will sync the changes at same time when edit on multiple devices together. Give an example, at same time, remove one department on one device, but on another device, add a new department to the department (which is just being removed on another device), what the app to do?

iCloud Drive access on macOS devices

After OrgChart for macOS be installed,  OrgChart iCloud Drive folder will be created, and files in the folder will be sync automatically to all the devices with same iCloud account, by iOS or macOS.

iCloud Drive access on iOS devices

On iOS devices, from version 3.0, the organization chart files stored on device and the files stored on iCloud Drive are displayed separately

  • Directly open the organization chart file on iCloud Drive.

    OrgChart for iOS supports to open the organization chart file on iCloud Drive directly, and the changes to the opened organization will be saved and sync to other devices via iCloud Drive. Also please pay attention the file last updated date,  to check if iOS has completed sync the file to this device already before you open it.


  • Copy from iCloud Drive to Local, and copy from local to iCloud Drive

    OrgChart supports to COPY organization chart file from iCloud Drive to the device (to be shown as a tile), and also we can open a local organization chart, and to save (copy) it to iCloud Drive, there is options for us to if need to replace a existing file, or to create a new organization file.

    We prefer if the organization chart file is important, to copy it from iCloud Drive to the device, and copy back to replace the file on iCloud Drive after changed and checked the local copy.



Trouble shooting

For the cases if the files does not be sync to other devices, please make sure SAME iCloud account on multiple devices, and iCloud Drive option is enabled in iCloud setting

The iCloud file transfer is controlled by the iOS system and the OSX system, when the file changes will be synchronised to other devices depends on the network situation and how iOS/OSX coordinate the file transfer.

To check if the organization files synchronisation completed:  Please check the last update date in OrgChart, or please check the date of the organization files in “iCloud Drive” app (developed by Apple) on the iOS device, and check in the iCloud Drive on the Mac device.