Sync via iCloud Drive

(Please make sure to backup project files in the OrgChart iCloud Drive folder on the macOS device if “OrgChart for macOS” installed, to mitigate the risk of losing work, as incorrect changes will be automatically sync to all other devices controlled by iOS and macOS systems)

Some users may expect to edit same organization chart (open from iCloud Drive directly) on multiple devices at SAME time, the changes will reflect on other devices automatically – this is impossible.

Because departments in organization are in TREE structure, the relationships between parent and children are very tight. For example, when editing same chart on two devices,  if a new department be added as a child of another department which is being removed on another device, there is NO WAY for the app to keep departments be laid out correctly. Before iCloud drive provides lock feature, please not to open same chart on iCloud Drive on multiple devices at same time.

iCloud Drive access on macOS devices

After OrgChart for macOS be installed,  OrgChart iCloud Drive folder will be created, and files in the folder will be sync automatically to all the devices with same iCloud account, by iOS or macOS.

iCloud Drive access on iOS devices

On iOS devices, from version 3.0, the organization chart files stored on device and the files stored on iCloud Drive are displayed separately

  • Directly open the organization chart file on iCloud Drive.

    OrgChart for iOS supports to open the organization chart file on iCloud Drive directly, and the changes to the opened organization will be saved and sync to other devices via iCloud Drive. Also please pay attention the file last updated date,  to check if iOS has completed sync the file to this device already before you open it.


  • Copy from iCloud Drive to Local, and copy from local to iCloud Drive

    OrgChart supports to COPY organization chart file from iCloud Drive to the device (to be shown as a tile), and also we can open a local organization chart, and to save (copy) it to iCloud Drive, there is options for us to if need to replace a existing file, or to create a new organization file.

    We prefer if the organization chart file is important, to copy it from iCloud Drive to the device, and copy back to replace the file on iCloud Drive after changed and checked the local copy.



Trouble shooting

For the cases if the files does not be sync to other devices, please make sure SAME iCloud account on multiple devices, and iCloud Drive option is enabled in iCloud setting

The iCloud file transfer is controlled by the iOS system and the OSX system, when the file changes will be synchronised to other devices depends on the network situation and how iOS/OSX coordinate the file transfer.

To check if the organization files synchronisation completed:  Please check the last update date in OrgChart, or please check the date of the organization files in “iCloud Drive” app (developed by Apple) on the iOS device, and check in the iCloud Drive on the Mac device.