Quick Start

This guide covers following topics

  • The basics
  • Create departments
  • Adjust department hierarchy to construct organization chart tree
  • Update department content properties
  • Adjust department visual style
  • Exporting
  • Sync across devices

The basics

  • User interface includes 3 panels.

    “Outline panel” acts like a grid which helps to get inputting be more efficient, “Chart panel” is more intuitive to add/move/remove departments by mouse operations and gestures, “Updating panel” likes a property list


  • Press ⌘⌥^ (Command + Alt + Ctrl) to show shortcut tips in active organization window.

    Please check out following the common shortcuts before getting started, also please check the app menu for more shortcuts later.


  • Please also check out the FAQs

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(This guide is separated in multiple pages, to avoid display performance issue as there are many static and animated images)