Quick Start – create departments

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Create departments

  • Click “Create new department” button at bottom of outline panel, to continously input department names (new department will be child of the root department, for the approach to input first, then to adjust hierachy)

    Or on the chart panel, click to select a department, then click “+” button to add child (for the approach to add department and construct tree structure together). The department selection will NOT change after new department added


  • Select a department, and then type “+” key to add a new department as child. The new department will be selected.

    (For your convenience – Using the method, the new department will be selected; Preceding method will not change department selection)

  • Select a department, and then type “OPTION” + “+” keys to add a new department NEXT to selected department (not be child of selected department)
  • Drag from macOS contact app


  • Copy/Paste and Drag/Drop in the app

    OrgChart supports to copy departments in same organization window or across organization windows


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