Intuitive, Simple, Efficient

Simplify the creation of organizational charts, WITHOUT the complexity of DRAWING HASSLES!

OrgChart simplifies the creation of organizational charts in a tree structure without sacrificing the complexity of drawing.

(We do not need to know how to draw the shapes, arrange and connect the entities – OrgChart helps to DRAW them AUTOMATICALLY)


Natural gestures, context-based menu and well-designed keyboard shortcuts (for macOS) to maintain the organizational chart in outline, chart and inspectors - a clean, effective and intuitive user interface.


Just set color, shape, layout, content visibility, size and line style of departments, OrgChart will draw them automatically.




  • Predefined colors make color selection super easy.
  • Option to set the visibility of the content.
  • Option to set the size of the chart units.
  • Three line styles to connect children and parents.
  • Option to set the connection point.


Export org charts as PDF, Excel (or CSV) and image files with flexible customization options for content and layout.

SYNC between iOS and Mac devices

Sync org chart documents between iOS and Mac devices via iCloud Drive.


OrgChart for macOS supports exporting the org chart as an OPML file.

The Best I’ve seen in the App Store


Very well put together. This app is worth a lot more than the developer is charging. I purchased all his other apps just to support him! It is very easy to use and saves you a lot of time compared to trying to do similar things in excel or keynote

Incredible and very easy to use

Michael J7301

I like the way that OrgChart makes work be simple, AND be focus on the functions it should be. This app seems be the only app in the AppStore for organization chart. Easy and high efficient.

wirklich gut!


ok, man braucht so etwas nicht jeden Tag. Habe es auch nur gekauft, weil mir Qickplan vom gleichen Entwickler so gut gefallen hat.Auch hier eine hervorragende Umsetzung für die touch Bedienung auf dem iPad. Wer seine Kontakte gut gepflegt hat, evtl mit Fotos und diese dann einliest, hat im Handumdrehen ein Organigramm. Sonst eben etwas Tipparbeit, aber gut geführt. Die Anpassungen erfolgen kinderleicht und intuitiv. So sollen Programme von heute sein!

Very good and easy to learn

Joy Adams

I am a senior manager of a construction company, and hiring 80 people for the new department. This app is very easy for me to create organization chart quickly – when meeting and discussing with team and leaders.

Creating a beautiful organization chart super efficiently

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